Securing Your Yahoo! Account

To have more control over who accesses your email account, you have to have your passwords changed frequently. That way, a third party who might have gotten your password under dubious circumstances cannot access your account. In Yahoo, one password is common to other personalized services provided by Yahoo. You can use the same password for Yahoo finance, Yahoo Messenger and My Yahoo.

You can change your messenger password and the other Yahoo services will automatically update to suit your new password.

Changing the passwords in Yahoo Messenger is not a headache at all. You can reach your account by first login into either Yahoo Messenger or another Yahoo service. Once you have keyed in your Yahoo ID and have provided the present password you will end up in your account.

When you click the name of your account, a menu will appear and you can choose account info from one of the options. Once that is done, you will have to confirm your password again and afterwards you will reach the change password options.

When you reach that option, you will have to now key in your password as it is right now and then there is a field where you can enter the desired password. Make sure that you do not enter the wrong spellings.

You now have to click save if you are sure. Once the password is changed, you will see an instant message saying that you have done it successfully. In case you had some errors, you will have to correct them before you see the success message. Only then you can click continue.

The link will send you to a page where there are account sing-in settings. You can figure out if it genuinely worked by clicking sign in, using your new password and then you will immediately go to the account information page. This is proof enough that it did change.

Therefore, you can now see that a Yahoo Account’s info will be more secure if the pass codes are changed often.

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What Is Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo is one of the top most search engines, other than this, it is also well known for its mail services. Yahoo has various strong featured services which are mostly liked & used by the yahoo users worldwide. Yahoo has served their services to their users in almost every field which are coming in daily part of a human’ life. Yahoo has various services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo weather Flickr, Sports, Games, Climate, Yahoo News, Yahoo App, Yahoo messenger and many more.

Among this multiple yahoo services, Yahoo Answers is one of the successful services which is introduced by Yahoo for their users. It was launched in the year 2006. Yahoo! Answers is an online knowledge exchange platform where users can ask questions and give answers in which they are interested or they have knowledge about. It have the community guidelines for the users and if the users violate it they are banned from using the service. It is one of the best Q&A communities among all online communities. Here we are going to discuss some of the best features of Yahoo! Answers.

It allows the following

• Yahoo Answers allow any Yahoo registered user to answer a pre-existing question.

• Newcomers to the community were required to answer at least one question and maintain a positive score balance of five points or more in order to submit a new question.

• The questions submitted to the community exist for four days, during which, if any users post answers so the original users can highlight a specific response as the “Best Answer.”

• Each user at Yahoo answers begin with Level 1 and after receiving 100 free points can increase his or her level up to 7 by earning additional points through further participation on the site.

• If the answer of the user is given as the “Best Answer” then it is awarded by 10 points per post.

• With the feature of automated system of points and levels, the Yahoo answer may award extra points to the users whose contribution is outstanding in the community.

• It is available for users in many languages like Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

• It have recently built a Badge for bloggers and web publishers. It is useful for them who want to show off knowledgeable answers to the questions of Yahoo users.

• The powered up search feature over the Yahoo! Answers help many small business owners to find more relevant questions, answers and discussions.

• Search results can now be filtered by newest, oldest, relevance, most or fewest answers. A fine tuning option also adds to it so that small business owners can see the most relevant discussions over Yahoo Answers!

• With the save search feature, a user can save its search page and keep track on the same page.

• It Have also introduced the features through which users can see the real time updates and Yahoo trending topic.

With the strongest Yahoo! Answers feature, a user can take the full benefit of its services and can enjoy over the community of Yahoo! Answers. If you are not part of it start using one of the best services of Yahoo become a part of the Yahoo! Answers community.

For help to any such service of yahoo call yahoo customer care phone number. You can also call this instant helpline number in case of any other yahoo problem. By calling this number you can acquire easy and appropriate help to any kind of yahoo problem.

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Yahoo Adds Blog Content to the Largest Business Website

The birth of the blog has led to an explosion in content on the Internet. Many blogs are receiving millions of hits, adding hundreds of articles and getting unbelievable exposure every single day. The attention some of these blogs are receiving has led to many larger companies paying for and adding the blog content to their website. This idea of using someone else’s content for your own publishing purposes is referred to as Micro-publishing.

Yahoo Finance, the largest business site on the Web, on Tuesday began carrying content from, a financial blog aggregator started two years ago by an analyst who was laid off during the worst of the bear market.

The move illustrates how financial blogs are rapidly maturing into a business that’s starting to interest large media companies. More than 12 million people visit Yahoo Finance every month.

The founder of Seeking Alpha states, “As the founder of Seeking Alpha, I want to provide some personal perspective on this event.”

“The impact of stock market blogs has only just begun,” said David Jackson, the former Morgan Stanley telecommunications analyst who founded SeekingAlpha. “Micro-publishing will fundamentally change the face of financial publishing.”

He then goes on to explain how micro-publishing will change the face of financial publishing, “Stock market blogs have reached the point where traditional financial media companies can no longer ignore them., MarketWatch and even The Wall Street Journal now frequently link to blog posts from their websites. But the impact of stock market blogs has only just begun; micro-publishing will fundamentally change the face of financial publishing in two key ways:

Bloggers and direct submissions to Seeking Alpha will now provide analysis of thousands of stocks that were previously neglected.
Investors write differently than journalists.

Since its inception, SeekingAlpha has grown into a considerable operation that now publishes nearly 100 articles a day on a host of stock-market related matters, from the outlook for Chinese shares to whether Vonage will ever generate enough cash to survive. It also provides conference call transcripts and analysis of recent filings for initial public offerings, among other things. Many of the site’s 200 contributors are professional money managers who have their own blogs and want wider exposure for their views. SeekingAlpha employs a crew of approximately 10 editors to ensure the articles read well.

Financial terms of the deal were unavailable.

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